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The National Driver Safety Institute is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation focused on improving driver safety through the development and distribution of cutting edge defensive driver and driver improvement courses and content. The National Driver Safety Institute was founded on the firm belief that broad driver safety can be significantly improved through leveraging technology enhanced online education. In a world where top quality education on virtually any topic is widely available the concurrent reality of soaring traffic accident frequency and fatality rates should not be acceptable. We can all do better and the NDSI is prepared to lead this effort!

What constitutes true defensive driving? How does one recognize whether they are in fact doing this as well as it can be done? What should you do to improve your safety behind the wheel? Are the habits you have developed as a driver actually improving your safety? Were these habits specifically developed with an educated purpose or did they simply evolve from unfocused experience? Do you really know, understand and correctly utilize all of the specific defensive driving skills that could potentially save your own life or the life of a beloved family member? Are the consequences of getting this wrong not important enough to motivate you to do better?

For the vast majority of drivers these are questions never asked due to the assumptive belief that they are in fact highly skilled behind the wheel. Most people firmly believe they are perfectly capable of avoiding any avoidable accident and certainly incapable of being the cause of an accident. This extraordinarily common self-image is overwhelmingly misplaced and wrong.

Because You Are Sharing the Road with Her...

You Can Do Better!

The challenges faced by drivers today incorporate risks that did not exist in the past. Broadly increased traffic congestion combined with smart phone centered distracted driving added to ongoing negative realities such as speeding, driving under the influence, road rage and generally poor driver education have resulted in a perfect storm of roadway hazards. Increased accident rates, soaring insurance premiums and higher traffic accident injuries and fatalities are all the result of our more dangerous modern traffic.

Defensive Driver Academy  courses focus on teaching a better overall mental approach to the driving task designed to aid you in incorporating improved skills and ingraining your new approach and skills into subconscious habits. We strive to accomplish this through a structured step-by-step learning process utilizing proven educational concepts.

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