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By enrolling in this course, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions: It is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure the entity or entities authorizing or requesting your taking of a driving safety course will accept a certificate of completion provided by Defensive Driver Academy. You agree that it is your responsibility to report your completion to the entity authorizing your taking a driving safety course. Defensive Driver Academy offers no guarantees relative to course acceptance by any public or private entity. Defensive Driver Academy will provide specific course details relative to content and source materials for purposes of course evaluation for acceptance purposes upon written request. You will not allow any other person to take any part of the course or any part of the final test on your behalf. Nor will you allow any other person to utilize any of your identity documents, or in any manner whatsoever to represent him/herself as you to Defensive Driver Academy, the Department of Motor Vehicles or any Court within any State. Violation of this requirement will result in cancellation of any credit you may receive from taking the course and may subject you to civil and criminal penalties for fraud. In addition, student’s found cheating will not be permitted to continue the course and shall be reported to the appropriate court of jurisdiction, Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation for action as determined necessary. Defensive Driver Academy accepts no responsibility for interruptions in service caused by factors beyond its control, including but not limited to electrical outages, disruptions in Internet connections, server malfunctions, and malfunctions of any computer used by a student to take one of Defensive Driver Academy’s on-line courses. By taking one of the company’s online courses, each student hereby agrees not to hold or attempt to hold Defensive Driver Academy liable for any such service interruption, whether occurring on-line or otherwise. Defensive Driver Academy also does not represent or promise that taking any of its courses, or successfully passing any of its tests, will prevent a student from violating traffic laws in the future, becoming involved in traffic accidents, or being otherwise affected by misfortune. All students are solely responsible for their own driving activities and the consequences that flow from them. You release Defensive Driver Academy from all claims and demands based upon your taking any Defensive Driver Academy course and agree not to hold or attempt to hold Defensive Driver Academy liable for any post-course events, and not to file any lawsuit, administrative claim or other complaint against Defensive Driver Academy with any governmental authority, arising out of your having taken a Defensive Driver Academy course.

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